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 Forum's rules

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PostSubject: Forum's rules   Sun Feb 18, 2007 7:21 am

The following General Rules apply to ALL aspects of The Forum. This includes forum threads, posts, links, user profiles, avatars and signatures.

Please Note: Since this is an English forum we ask that all communication be in English. Ideally this means using proper English, with appropriate punctuation and capitalization, at all times. Excessive abbreviations and "l33t speak" are particularly unwelcome. We appreciate that English is not the first language of many of our members but ask that they try their best never-the-less; though in fairness, it is the native English speakers who abuse these guidelines most often.

Any content found in violation of the General Rules will simply be deleted. Depending on the severity of the offence members found breaking the General Rules will be given a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban. Please do not complain if your post is removed because the content is considered inappropriate. Staff decisions on these matters are final.

These rules are only a guideline. If the situation arises where we feel the spirit of the rules are being broken or abused, we may take retrospective action on the offender(s).

Please go to the presentation forum because we want to know who you are!

For permisions, you must have posted 40 messages into the forum, then you can ask by writting a message in "suggestion and permission", I will acorde to you after!
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Forum's rules
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